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The Why Behind the Rebrand

Are you one that wonders where the heck did time go?  Well, just like that 10 years later, here I am.  My Nani (grandmother), would say as you get older time goes faster, she sure knew!  Celebrating 10 years for Viva L’Event and I knew it was time for a brand refresh.

People, I knew would say, “Why, your website looks great!”.  Well….as you grow, as I have evolved, so has my brand and what I want to represent.  A lot has changed over the years so I took time to reflect those changes in not only my business but myself as well.  After many, many, MANY months, I knew the direction of what I wanted to truly voice for my brand.  I only hope that those that have known me can see that evolving driving spirit, and those that have never met me can feel my passion.

I wanted to take you down memory lane a little as well showing you the past to the present of Viva L’Event over these 10 years.

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Looking backwards, this first logo, pixelated and all (HA!) I remember thinking this is so cool, have a chandelier hanging from the “V”. What in the world was I thinking!! Plus, the red font, YIKES!  The next evolution of Viva came a few years later and was a HUGE jump from logo one.  I wanted to show a softness plus each element was specifically chosen to be a part of my logo. For instance, the bee (as you can read more about in my About page), some of the greenery was sage (our pup’s name that passed away at that time of creating this logo), succulents (something I loved was cactus flowers).  The font used was even called “event shark”.  I know right!

Then here we are today to my new logo….simple, yet strong.  I have realized you don’t always need the frills of stuff.  I wanted to show my strength and a clear vision of my experience and passion for what I do in my work.

The reason behind the name Viva….

VI-VA:  long live! (used to express acclaim or support for a specific person or thing) a salute or cheer.

I truly want my clients to know Viva will be their support system, their biggest cheerleaders during this very special time in their lives.  I’m here to help guide and educate them throughout. Not many get to do what they love to do, I scream from the rooftop in praise because I know I am so beyond blessed!!

I plan to journal more and allow you to see all sides of my life, so keep an eye out for many new entries to come.  I am not a great writer but, I will tell you I sure will give you my heart.

I have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients who trusted in Viva over the years, it was an honor being a part of your special days, always a part of the hive family, so THANK YOU!!  To all the talented vendors I have had the chance to work with, THANK YOU!!  It takes a village of long hours and hard work, I have so much appreciation and respect for you.  Lastly, thank you to my husband and my family.  There are many times with late hours, long weekends, travel away that I miss out on things but, you always support me and my passion, so THANK YOU for continuing to believe in me, support me, and motivate me to bring out my very best.

Here is to the next 50+ years of doing what I LOVE to do, the clients and vendors I get to work with, the destinations we will travel, and the darn right FUN we will have!


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