Traveling is a passion of mine, I come alive. Learning and exploring inspires me in my own work. Have a destination event, I'm ready!



While I'm a travel nut, being home with my husband and son is a place of refuge.



Having a balance of mind,
body, and soul is a huge part
of my life.



Besides being born in the '80, music of this era are my jam. Classic crooners and reggae music also make me smile.



The sound of waves crashing,
the sun on my face, and the
salt in the air.  

the beach


An Italian girl who loves her food! Favorites-breakfast for dinner, cheese plates, caramel/cheddar (Chicago mix) or kettle popcorn that bag won't last long!



My Must Haves

"As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen."

Did you know I met my husband at a meeting I was planning?

in my spare time


When I'm not planning and designing events, I can be found at a fitness studio. With a background also as a fitness trainer, being in any studio; from yoga, bootcamp, and muay thai boxing keeps me centered.

in my spare time

There's little I love more than an adventure. From learning about a small town to places on the other side of the world, traveling
is a must. 

in my spare time

Sports nut! Rooting on my favorite teams the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Steelers! I checked off two bucket list items; being able to go to the Super Bowl seeing the Steelers win, and attending the winning trophy parade for the Chicago Cubs when they won the World Series.

in my spare time