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10 Year Wedding Renewal by Viva L’Event

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

It is truly special to have a couple contact you to celebrate their wedding anniversary by having their very own 10 year wedding renewal of their vows.  They chose the funky and beautiful Durham Hotel as their venue to celebrate this special time in their lives.  This time around with their 2 children and close family.

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

An intimate celebration with 24 of their closest friends and family.  The Durham Hotel is the perfect location for an intimate event, they used the penthouse suite rooftop space for their ceremony, with a gorgeous city views.

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'EventBohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'EventThe love these two shared was so special and beautiful. Then to see the moments with their children within the ceremony was a tear jerker!

2017-04-07_0012I can’t get enough of all their outfits with the pops of this minty-blue, navy, and soft grey.  How adorable is that seersucker suit their son wore, and those adorable shoes on their daughter!  Danielle asked me to create the floral for their wedding using all her vintage bottles and I especially loved creating her and her daughter’s floral hair accessories.

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'EventThe Durham Hotel has such beautiful lighting all throughout the space from the penthouse suite, the rooftop, to their lobby restaurant, and surrounding areas outside.  As you can see Vanessa of Bohio Fine Art Photographer captured it all so stunningly!

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'EventI’m obsessed with the decor at the Durham Hotel, some of  my favorite in the Raleigh-Durham area.  I mean look at these pendant lights!
Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

2017-04-07_0015I love the image of them dancing in the street, and Vanessa said this was just something they were doing and not posed (adorable right!).

The guests then all transitioned to the 2nd floor mezzanine space for dinner and dessert.

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

Love these night images of them just walking in the street with the urban setting and the pop of her dress, love, love, love!

Bohio Fine Art Photography-Viva L'Event

Something extra special about seeing a couple renewal their vows after 10 years.  Things change, life gets crazy, children, and to see them so in love and saying even more today then when they first said “I Do” is beautiful to see.  I know in my own life journey in relationships, they are hard and take a lot of work, love and respect.  Over the 12 years in events this is only my 2nd renewal but I hope to be a part of more in the future.


Venue & Catering- The Durham Hotel

Photography- Bohio Fine Art Photography

Flowers/Styling- Viva L’Event

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