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Organic Spring Wedding Design by Viva L’Event

This organic spring design was a fun one to create. Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas that maybe aren’t that crazy in the end.  Something that I think maybe I am going out on a limb thinking, “Are people even going to like this and get my design?” In the Rickhouse Durham Bridal Show I wanted to bring out the elements of the upcoming spring season, being very earthy, while still being elegant.

Mikkel Paige Photography-Viva L'Event Planning & Design

I believe the use of farm tables is still here to stay and I’m ok with that as long as we keep creating something new.  Something unique for our clients and their personalities.

Growing up in an Italian family I LOVE food.  You can ask anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to eat and when I don’t eat I can get pretty hangry.

Mikkel Paige Photography-Viva L"Event Planning & Design

I wanted to show couples that you can use everyday natural elements to create a tablescape.  I used herbs such as rosemary, basil, chives, and thyme in terra cotta pots with moss filled in-between.  With the additional touches of votive and taper candles it’s a perfect mix to the greens.  You could even use different colored taper candles too, a huge trend right now I love.  This look and styling is also a wonderful way to give something to your guests after the wedding by allowing them to take a potted herb home to enjoy.

I am slightly obsessed with any wax seal and use this within my branding with a bee gold seal just like you see here.  I created these adorable honey favors that were simple to make and adds that final touch to the table.  You could use this as part of your menu where guests add some honey to a specific dish that is served or for a favor to take home with them.  Of course the is keeping to additional organic element we wanted to keep to for this look.

Mikkel Paige Photography-Viva L"Event Planning & Design

It is important to communicate and sit with your designer to talk about key words and elements that you want for your wedding day.  How do you want to feel and your guests to feel?  If you have hired a designer, be open to creative ideas and trust in what they present them to you.  Working with any budget for my clients I am a big believer on being able to create elements that are beautiful and specific to their personalities.  It’s all about thinking outside the box, and remember when your in the stages of hiring a planner and designer think about what type of designer is right for you.  Trust is key.

I can’t tell you enough the importance of a talented photographer, I could create an incredible event but without them I wouldn’t be able to show it.  Thank you to Mikkel for capturing this look so beautifully!


Planning, Design, Floral & Honey Favors:  Viva L’Event

Photography: Mikkel Paige Photography

Venue & Farm Table:  The Rickhouse

Chairs, Napkins & Place settings:  CE Rental

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