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Guest Etiquette for Weddings


Sometimes guests of a wedding don’t always know the proper etiquette when it comes to attending weddings. The couple invites their family and friends that are special to them to share in their wedding day. Guests should show their gratitude by respecting the wishes of the bride and groom, making their planning process a breeze, and enjoying with the couple in the night they have dreamt for by following the tips below on guest etiquette:

  1. RSVP on time and correctly

– Follow the instructions on how the couple wants you to respond to their invitations. If there is a section with boxes to check the type of food you want, don’t forget to check it. If they welcome a plus one, make sure to inform them if you plan to have someone accompany you. After completing the RSVP properly, make sure to mail it back at least a week before the deadline.

  1. Hold off on your celebratory post

– Being a respectful guest happens before the big day. If the couple has not announced their engagement, don’t be the one to do it for them. Always remember to ask them before doing so even if they have already posted about their engagement.

  1. Be with the people that are there

– If the couple requests you to post photos with their hashtag, make sure to do so, but don’t spend the majority of the time on your phone. There was a lot of planning that went into making the event a great time, enjoy the day with those around you.  Take time to post the next day or week.

  1. Don’t get in the way of the photographer/videographer

– The couple invests in a photographer/videographer that will capture their big day and the guests that joined them in sharing it, but ultimately the bride and groom are the main event. Don’t go out of your way to be in the pictures and video and remember not to block the professionals while attempting to catch the bride walking down the aisle or the reaction of the groom.

  1. Leave all white to the bride

– White accents are fine, but no guest should wear all white or ivory to the wedding. This is the bride’s day to stand out.  Unless it’s an all white wedding and the couple requests for the guests to wear white.

  1. No plus one unless said so

– Don’t assume that you can bring a date. Unless the couple includes a plus one on the invitation, plan on going alone or with others you may know that are also invited.

  1. Arrive at the ceremony… and on time

– If you are invited to the ceremony, make sure to attend both the ceremony and the reception, not just the reception. If you are attending the ceremony, do not be late. Nothing is worse than stealing the bride’s big entry, or missing it.  The most important part of the day is celebrating in the couple exchanging their vows.

  1. Send a gift even if you wont be able to make it

– The couple found you special enough to invite you to their wedding, but it may not be feasible to attend. Make sure to show your appreciation and support for them by sending a gift in the mail in lieu of attending the event. Make sure to stick to their registries (non-traditional or traditional).

  1. Don’t change your seat assignment

– You are seated where the couple would like you to be, and if selecting your meal before the event, that is where your dinner selection will arrive. Respect the couple’s wishes and see your friends during the cocktail hour or on the dance floor.

  1. Stay for the cake cutting

– The cutting of the cake is a special time for the bride and groom and is usually done after dinner and once the dance floor is opened. Don’t leave right after your fed. Let the couple know you are there for them and not just for a meal and a few cocktails.

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